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  • The Participants (which term shall include the Delegates and Exhibitors) shall be bound by the Conditions, rules and regulations set forth in this agreement and any changes must be made in writing and signed by an authorised official of the West Africa Exhibitions & Conferences Company, (hereinafter referred to as WAECON) who shall have full power to interpret and to  make or amend these rules, provided that such amendments and additions do not operate to diminish the rights reserved for the Participants under this Contract, and shall not operate to increase liabilities of its Sponsors, Agents or Employees.

  • The rights of a Participant shall not be assignable to any other person, firm, organisation or otherwise and no Exhibitor may assign his space, or sublet the whole or any part of the space contracted for. An Exhibitor has no right to occupy any particular space, although in respect of space allocation its requirements will be taken into account.

  • No Exhibitor/Conference delegate shall be permitted to exhibit/participate unless the Participant has paid all fees and payment has been acknowledged by WAECON.

  • Participants shall comply with all building regulations, health & safety and other regulatory terms/conditions and any and all Government rules and regulations.

  • Attendance hours shall be controlled by the Event Committee who will specify hours etc. Admission shall be by ticket or badge, and identification tags shall not be transferable.

  • For the duration of the Exhibit period, Exhibitors shall not remove his exhibit prior to the termination of the exhibition, and/or operate in any manner objectionable to other exhibitors or to WAECON.

  • The Event committee, Sponsors, WAECON its Employees or Agents are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage by fire or injury of any nature to any person or article. Reputable watchmen will be on duty day and night, but the Event committee, while taking precautions against loss, will not guarantee against it and it is hereby expressly released from any liabilities for injury or damage therefrom.

  • The publisher of the Event Brochure, the Event Committee, Sponsors, WAECON, its Agents or Employees will not be responsible for any errors or omissions on copy prepared and submitted by the Advertiser or Exhibitor.

  • Should a Participant wish to cancel his application, he does so with the full knowledge that, WAECON is in no way obliged to refund payment. Participant further acknowledges that WAECON, having incurred expenses as a result of the application, is not required to refund any of the fees agreed.

  • The Event Committee reserves the right to re-schedule the exhibition/conference at another date and/or at an alternative site due to loss, damage or delay resulting from acts of war, civil commotion, strikes or lockouts intervention or regulation, military activity or any other circumstances which make it impossible or inadvisable for the committee to hold the Exhibition/Conference at the time and place provided.

  • The Event Committee, Sponsors, WAECON its Employees or Agents are not responsible for any loss due to cancellation, postponement, abandonment or curtailment in whole or in part of the Exhibition/Conference for causes outside its control. Exhibitor is recommended to adequately insure their participation expenses in case of such cancellation.

  • A handling fee of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25) will be charged for every name change to an existing conference/exhibitor registration. Name changes will be accepted by e-mail including the old and new names as well as the contact details until 30 days to the event date. After this date all name changes must be carried out at the venue.

  • This agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the National Law of hosting country. Any dispute between the parties under this Agreement hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Courts.

  • The event is owned, managed and produced by WAECON. All matters not expressly covered in this Agreement are subject to the decision of WAECON, which such decision shall be final. WAECON shall not wave any rights under this Agreement unless such waiver is in writing signed by an authorized officer of WAECON. This Agreement represents all of the agreements, warranties, representations, and understandings between WAECON and its Participants to the Exhibition and Conference Segments.

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